Digital Marketing Trends to Help Your Business Succeed Online

Choose the marketing techniques that will yield the best return for your investment (ROI), or “the best bang for your buck”. Every business has a limited amount of money to spend on marketing campaigns and advertising, so knowing where to focus your efforts will ensure your business grows and succeeds online.

Google My Business

Update Google My Business

Many people search for a business and get all the information they need form the first page of Google, primarily from your Google My Business profile.

Local SEO consists of all the things that indicate your proximity to the searcher, and one of the major factors is your Google My Business profile. The closer you are to the person searching, or the location being searched for, the higher you rank and the more likely you are to receive their attention.

  • Take advantage of any business locations you have by claiming those addresses to rank higher for their location searches–so long as you can and do provide service for that location. However, don’t expect to rank #1 for local search in multiple areas without seriously investing in and developing local search ads and SEO.
  • Update all your Google My Business information, including address(es), phone number, email, and photos. Many people search for a business and stop at the Google results page after they find the information they need–so make sure your profile is accurate and informative. Consider posting updates on your profile for holidays, milestones, and events to attract attention and boost your local ranking and results.

Local ads

Use Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads are pay-per-lead advertisements (unlike paying for ad clicks) that rolled out in late 2017 and show up at the very top of relevant searches.

They tend to focus on home service providers and other local businesses and are a great way to promote your local business and drive in more leads. They come with a green “Google guarantee” and your star-review rating, which can provide a big boost to your business if done correctly.

  • Test the waters with local service ads. They show up at the top of search results and include review rating and show potential customers that Google has faith in your business. If you are in a very competitive market with lots of local providers, then these ads are worth it to grow your business.
  • Be patient. List how you want to be contacted (usually a phone number that can be tracked b ack to the ads) and decide the best way to service these customers. Service ads are a good way to keep your calendar full during a slower season or get more customers to contact your business during its busy season, instead of reaching out to a competitor. Take advantage of the ability to track the leads you get from the ads as well!

Update Your Website

Update Your Website

An attractive, responsive website makes all the difference in whether customers stick around to browse your products and services or get frustrated and seek a better experience.

Websites aren’t just for customer experience either, they also help your business or brand rank better in search results and stay at the forefront of your industry online. Google prioritizes relevant websites with good formats and loading speeds.

  • Revamp your website. Ensure all information is correct and updated in an attractive format. Hire one of the best web designers in the Washington, D.C. area to help you create a stunning website that you and your customers will love!
  • Optimize your existing website for SEO, updated graphics, and the latest features to consistently rank higher in result and provide a better journey for customer interaction. From a smooth online checkout process to a bright and visible website that is easy to follow, fine tuning your site will make all the difference,

Choose The Right Social Media

Maintaining a robust social media presence is pivotal for any small business looking to get the word out about their brand.

It is important to choose the right social media networks and ensure you curate content that fits those platforms well, so as not to seem disingenuous or awkward online.

  • For instance, post images on Instagram, as opposed to long-form blogs or lengthy posts. Focus on business or industry-related content on LinkedIn. For younger audiences, focus on creating relatable and interesting Instagram and Twitter accounts, whereas Facebook and LinkedIn are more appropriate for older audiences and professionals.
  • Stay consistent. Whether you have a weekly post that happens around the same time or a monthly blog that you post and include a link to on social media, make sure you have something that keeps your followers interested. If you’re a restaurant, post pictures of yummy food or weekly specials or events. If you’re a gym, consider posting a weekly work out video guide or a “motivation Monday”. Regardless of your business type, use social media to keep your clients up to date with what is happening with your business.

AB testing

Utilize SEO A/B Testing

When creating a marketing campaign to get more attention from potential customers, it’s important to figure out which messages get people to a website, to buy a product or service, or to engage with a business.

SEO A/B split testing helps figure out which variables increase web traffic so you can take a targeted approach to content and marketing to yield the most attention for the least amount time and money.

  • Create different content with similar messages that describe your business and any products or services you may offer. This could mean creating multiple landing or web pages with slight variations. Put effort into creating something that will appeal to potential customers and see which page gets the best results to drive traffic and results.
  • Take some time to test and adapt when necessary. Google encourages A/B testing when efforts are geared towards improving user experience, and even offer their own tool called Google Optimize. If one message is testing very well compared to another, pivot to the better performing message or page to get people interested in what you have to offer.

Video Marketing

Create engaging videos with optimized video title, description, and URL. This ensures that people can find, watch, and share your video to get others interested in what you have to say or promote. 

  • Videos are consumers’ favorite type of content to view from brands on social media. In fact, 85% of people say they want to see more videos from brands and businesses they support. That means that both you and your potential customers have something to look forward to with video marketing. 
  • It makes sense–dollars, and cents. More than half of people prefer video content over other forms of content. With the vast majority of marketers using video to get people’s attention, you can’t afford to miss out. That means that both you and your potential customers have something to look forward to with video marketing. 

Build Your Brand

Show customers that you and your company have a personality and that there are real people behind the curtain, so to speak.

You can achieve this by updating social media with unique content, promoting internal events or philanthropy, or otherwise illustrating your individual flair to stand out from competing businesses.

  • Curate content that is representative of your brand to make people more interested in you and your business–this can be videos, social media posts, blogs, special events, anything.
  • Think quality over quantity. Short but engaging content yields the best results, especially if it’s funny or relatable–no matter which platform you are posting on.
  • Be consistent. Whether it’s a monthly, weekly, or daily content post, keeping with your brand’s image and reputation, or even maintaining the same hours or schedule–people like to know what to expect and to feel like they can count on you.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing

From emails to website appearance to demographic specific information, clients like to know that they are the focus of your attention and that you understand their needs.

Your content is much more likely to get a response if you directly engage with consumers.

  • Address your clients by name when you send service or product related email to them and keep track of their details. This might include which services they already use, their potential needs based on location or demographic and any other information that can help you better understand them.
  • Make interaction easy for them. Utilize ads that spark personal interest and are based on demographic or location information with easy links or forms. Since there is a low bar for potential customers to engage with your business, people are more likely to follow through.
  • Use re-marketing to remind people of past clicks and interests. They may have been interested in a previous ad or gone to your website and thought about returning later but simply forgot. This is a great way to stay on people’s minds without being too pushy.


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