How To Choose A Google Ads Management Agency

Choosing the right agency can be a difficult, and often annoying task. Every small business owner struggles with who to entrust with running their marketing and ad content. To simplify the process, we have listed out a few key things to consider before approaching a Google Ads agency.

1) Google Ads Partner Status

Not every agency has Google Ads partner status, and achieving Google partner status is not easy either.

There are three minimum qualification need to become a Google Partner:

  • An agency should spend at least $10,000 within 90 days.
  • At least one user must be certified in Google ads.
  • Documented ad performance and growth.

By completing above criteria an agency can achieve specialization for a particular Google product or offering, such as search advertising specialization, video advertising specialization, display advertising, and more.

Let’s assume you are willing to place your website in Google search results–this type of advertising falls under Google Search Campaign. Knowing what type of advertising you are willing to use and which agencies have specializations can help you to more easily choose a search advertising specialist.

2) Experience Matters

Experienced Google Ads managers know when to change the keywords being used, when to increase the ad budget, and which keywords generate more conversions, along with other metrics to optimize ads and get the most attention and interaction possible.

Some companies even have a dedicated Google Ads manager who is responsible for contacting clients and providing frequent suggestions to improve conversions that would help you to generate more leads.

Good marketing agencies work closely with their clients and get to know more about their business activities in order to improve their understanding of the business industry and to plan better campaigns.


Not every agency provides their clients with direct Google Ads access, reports and information. Transparency is the key to building a good relationship with the agency handling your ads and understanding how Google ads are performing.

Clients generally would like to know about the performance of their accounts, how much the daily budget is, how much Google charges, how much the agency charges and so on. Based on these metrics, they evaluate ROI and can better understand the capability of the marketing team they have chosen.

Transparency in Google Ads is a win-win situation for both agencies and clients. This kind of approach generates more credibility for ad agencies and shows clients how and why behind ads, often allowing both business to grow with an increased ad spend.


A recent study noted that the average small business owner spends between $9,000 to $10,000 per month on Google Ads, to attract more attention for their service or product.

Most agencies follow one of the following approaches to pricing:

  • Performance-based pricing: Pay per leads – Leads means calls, contact form submission.
  • Percentage of monthly ad spend
  • Flat monthly rate: generally high budget campaigns

5) Reports

How often the agency sends report and the insights that the reports can offer is what matters most in a Google Ad agency.

Some agencies send a monthly report, others might send a weekly performance report.

Some agencies  may not send any reports at all, and prefer to call you to discuss ad performance and share some suggestions. The combination of informative reports and frequent updates through calls, emails, or meetings is what you should aim for since Google Ads requires frequent changes–not only keyword changes, but also Ad copy changes and slight modifications in offers to make a significant difference in ad outcome. These slight tweaks based on performance reviews will help to improve conversions as well.

6) Other Services They Offer

Good agencies not only offer Google ads, but also know which other services compliment ads.

A good marketer doesn’t just rely on one channel. Video ads and videos as a whole have become incredibly popular, so you may also need Facebook promotions or YouTube promotions. If your ad agency cannot offer video ads or isn’t familiar with the latest social media channels, you may need to find a different agency, which is another annoying process to go through to find the right fit.

In addition to other promotional activities, you may need some website alterations or landing page modification to the ads you are currently running.

Therefore, the ad agency you select needs to be experienced and knowledgeable about a variety of different ad services, to reduce complications and ensure you have a comprehensive ad strategy.

What we do?

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