Digital Marketing

At Digital Marketing Folks, the digital marketing strategy works on the principle of driving in measurable results. Our omni-channel approach to digital marketing focuses on enhancing the conversions, repeating the traffic to your website and thereby generating the best brand loyalty online. Our customized online marketing services which include remarketing techniques and continual engagement do the necessary to retain the customers to your website

Here are few data to answer why digital marketing services:
digital marketing
  • 80% of the customers use Internet to get answer for their search in easier and convenient way
  • Using digital marketing services increase the conversion rate by 24%
  • It enables you perform real time customer service
  • 91% adults in US always have their phone within reach to browse information online
  • In comparison to tele-marketing and traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing services yield better Cost Per Lead (CPL)
Our Digital Marketing Services:
Social Media Marketing

74% of the consumers across the globe rely on social media to make a decision on purchase. We keep your followers engaged and build community through engaging, relevant, high quality and viral content on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest so on and so forth.

Search Engine Optimization

According to Forrester research, search engine helps 81% of the users in finding their desired destination. Through search engine optimization services, we the DMF ensure the website has relevant content keywords, links and metatags necessary for ranking well in search engine.

Paid Search Advertising

Even to search for services nearby, people now depend on Internet. As per WebVisible survey, 86% of the consumers rely on Internet for local business services. PPC campaigns can drive traffic quickly in comparison to organic results. We at DMF, perform regular optimization of PPC to ensure increased CTRs and thereby the marketing ROI. Our services cover Yahoo Native ads, Times Internet (Colombia) advertising so and so forth.

And here comes the benefits that you get upon using the services of a digital marketing company:

digital marketing
Increased Engagement With Stakeholder
A good website designed by expert web designing company would increase the number of potential customers visiting your website, browsing through the products and or services, buying them and then leaving positive feedback.
digital marketing
Instant Publicity
Digital marketing services providers make sure your website gets instant publicity upon updating any information when compared to the traditional method of distributing pamphlets. Social media being the most powerful tool, the digital marketing experts make sure your brand gets communicated to larger population.
digital marketing
High Measurability And Concurrent Results
The digital marketing agency can simultaneously track the traffic coming to your website and basing on which the marketing strategies would be updated.
digital marketing
Cost Effective Method
Print and visual media need huge investments to convey your message to the audience that too without any surety of how well and how far the message would reach. Comparatively digital marketing services are cost effective, measurable and result yielding one.


Why does my business need assistance of digital marketing agency?
The answer is quite simple. We help your business increase its online credibility, brand your products and services better, get higher position in searches and thus enhanced conversions
How long will it take to see the impact of digital marketing services?
Every business has its own hurdles to overcome in order to top the market. While it may take 2 months for one business, may be half for one or may be twice for some other. It depends in the competition, current status of the website , its design so on and so forth
Are the results of digital marketing service guaranteed?
Results depend on various factors. We can show you our successful track record and even get you in contact with our clients for detailed information or our services and results.
How can I know how well your digital marketing services are helping me?
We send you reports of completed works, its performances and also about the upcoming actions on a regular basis.
Do the search engine rankings of website change frequently, if so why?
Yes they do. On a given day, there are a number of factors that affect the ranking of your website. Inclusion of new sites, new pages or new content, at the same time exclusion of old contents all these factors are few among them. Getting assistance from digital marketing agencies can help you stay top in accordance with the changes.
Do you have certifications and accreditations?
Yes we are certified Google Partners