eCommerce is the process of buying and selling things online. Whether you need the development of a new eCommerce website from scratch or converting an existing website to an eCommerce storefront, Digital Marketing Folks can help you achieve your goals. We provide all the aspects required of an eCommerce website, including a functional shopping cart, checkout, secure server, payment gateway and SSL certificate.

With advancing technology and product competition, there are many factors in eCommerce that must be considered beyond website components such as a shopping cart. At Digital Marketing Folks, we research the buying patterns of your clients and potential client demographics to design the right website and use the right eCommerce marketing services to maximize your conversion rate.

We don’t just sit back once the website is created. Once the website is ready, our digital marketing team advertises your website online to direct more traffic to the site and boost your business’ sales.

Our eCommerce Marketing services Include:

Google Ads Advertising

Our team uses Google Ads to target different types of customers and drive in more traffic to your website. With transparent results and customizability, Google Ads is a great option for many eCommerce marketing campaigns. Our experienced Google Ads experts run campaigns that yield measurable results without wasting your money.

Facebook Advertising

Social media is a great way to advertise online. Facebook, in particular is one of the best online advertising platforms for ecommerce services. Through Facebook ads we target audiences by demographics, using the platform’s active user base to direct the potential customers to your website.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising is also a great choice for advertising eCommerce websites, although many are not aware of its effectiveness. Through LinkedIn, we help you target professionals in your desired industry or field of work. We sort through the different types of ads available and create an ad campaign using the right one for your business, which results in a high conversion rate.

Creating the right ads for an eCommerce website requires experience, testing, analytics and reporting, and careful planning based on the product, audience, and client requirements. Allow DMF to enhance your eCommerce marketing and experience the results for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions about eCommerce Solutions (FAQs)

What kind of eCommerce solutions do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive list of eCommerce solutions, so you can create a website, market and sell products, and receive customer payments. Our experts are always available to help you with tailored requirements that elevate your eCommerce offerings and enhance the shopping experience for customers. 

Can a new eCommerce website be created while my current website is active?

Yes. We can use the standard third-level domain for your website while the website is under development. A simple change in the DNS settings can direct the old domain name to the new one. 

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. ECommerce marketing service providers can easily use your domain for the new eCommerce website. 

How can I get more people to find my eCommerce website?

Apart from eCommerce marketing services, our team also provides digital marketing services. We get your products listed in Google product listings and implement SEO to drive more clients to your eCommerce website. 

How many products can I list on my eCommerce website?

We can support an unlimited number of products. 

Will each page have individual marketing and meta details?

Yes, there can be unique meta tags and titles for each product or page listed on the website. 

Do you offer SEO services?

Yes. We offer comprehensive eCommerce marketing services and SEO services to help your products rank higher in search results and to meet your business goals.