Social media marketing is considered one of the most powerful digital marketing tools for B2B and B2C business, irrespective of the size of the business or brand. Since most companies rely on social media to reach potential customers online and engage with them, your marketing strategies must be powerful enough to stand out from the crowd. Digital Marketing Folks is the best social media marketing company in Reston, Virginia. We initiate and implement customized strategies to build your brand on social media.

At Digital Marketing Folks, we prioritize the customer journey. From the initial interaction on social media to following a brand or selecting a product or service, each aspect of the buying cycle matters. We create and post high quality content that attracts and engages social media relationships to have a positive impact on purchasing decisions. Our consistent results in social PR, branding, and social media lead generation make us stand out from other social media marketing agencies.

Social Media Reputation Management

Social media presence is highly valuable in building community and engaging customers spread across the globe. At Digital Marketing Folks, we manage, grow, and optimize your social media presence through powerful channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, SlideShare, StumbleUpon, and more.

Facebook Management Services

According to the latest statistics, Facebook has more than 2 billion active monthly users round the globe, which makes the most popular social network. As your social media marketing services provider, we create a Facebook profile and fan page on your behalf and use its power to reach targeted audiences with the potential to engage with your brand and buy your products and services.

Facebook Advertising Services

Advertising on Facebook enables businesses to market their products and services to potentially targeted consumer groups without breaking the bank. We customize your Facebook advertising  campaign depending on different factors like audience, requirement, products, and more.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is world’s largest professional network, and advertising on this platform can help you reach your goals with other professionals and businesses. With more than 500 million active professionals across the network, LinkedIn advertising services can help you enhance brand awareness and meet your goals–all within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media Marketing (FAQs)

Which social media platforms should my business be present on?

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the most common social media platforms for businesses to engage with followers and build their brand, although it depends on the industry your business is in. Other social media platforms will depend on your business and whether it is a B2B, B2C, or other business. For example, a photographer would also include Instagram on their list of social media platforms.

What kind of content does a social media marketing company post on behalf of my brand?

The type of content posted will depend on your business industry, social media goals, and the demographic of your customers or followers. Our team creates and posts relevant content to build your brand and create interest.

Does social media presence need to be constant?

A consistent social media presence makes it easy for makes it easy for the social media marketing agency to promote your brand. One brand name should be used across all social media accounts, since different usernames across different platforms creates confusion for your audiences.

How often should content be posted?

A consistent posting schedule should be established, whether daily, weekly, or monthly for posting images and content. While posting is important, we never sacrifice quality for quantity.

What is the best time to post content on social media?

In general, there is no particular best time to post on social media. There is usually a sort of preliminary posting period to determine when to post based on factors like demographic, age, and type of product or service.

Is there a way to get more followers on social media?

The best way to gain followers is to give them a reason to like your brand. Engaging followers with quality content on a regular basis will automatically help your gain more recognition on social media.

Does social media have an effect of SEO?

Yes, social media has an indirect effect on SEO.

Should you follow everyone who follows you on social media?

No, you should be very careful about who your brand follows on social media. Who you follow says a lot about your brand so it’s best to stick to relevant industry related pages.

Is content strategy the same across all platforms?

As a results-oriented social media marketing agency, we recommend customized content for individual platforms since there are platform-specific constraints for what can be posted and shared.

What are common social media marketing mistakes?

Spamming, inconsistency, lack of proper interaction with the audience, and lack of quality content are the most common social media marketing mistakes that people tend to make.